Hello, friends! We are so glad that you're here, spending time with BOTH OF US!

We've been smitten with each other since we met at age sixteen, but it took us five years to realize it was love! Our passion for creativity bound us together, and we knew we wanted to share it with others (along with our passion for nature, movies, and late-night snacking... but you'll have to listen to our podcast to hear more about that!) 

Shortly after getting married, we decided we weren't tired enough, so we had two kids! Our toddler boys, Hudson and Henry, make our lives really... sticky. (Oh, and joyful! That too!)  Parenthood and marriage are better than we'd ever dreamed. And though we know it's the same for you, we know that sometimes you just need to laugh, or even cry it out. We get you, don't worry! 

Dallin's expertise in sound design, combined with Maren's passion for writing, inspired us to create a podcast! We aren't experts, but Maren's education in child development and Dallin's obsession with learning might have you convinced. ;) (Yep. That's a winky face.) We are grateful you're here, and hope you'll stay!



Maren Droubay

Maren is a writer, creator, and homemaker. Originally from Provo, Utah, she spent the majority of her youth learning how to dance, write, and care for children. 

She studied Child Development in college, and is also a certified Doula and Lactation Consultant. 

She considers herself an amateur yogi, but an expert cuddler, and spends the majority of her day in the embrace of two little boys. 

Other passions include spending time in nature, singing WAY too loud, and eating whipped cream straight from the can. 



Dallin Droubay

Dallin has had a passion for music and film for over 20 years. This bug has lead him to a career in creative work.

Not only is Dallin a creative, he loves learning, earning his Degree in Marketing from WGU. 

As Director of Video Marketing, and his Agency work, Dallin has produced marketing material and campaigns for many companies in the Western United States.

Most importantly, Dallin is a husband and father. He is truly happy while reading books or playing basketball with his two little boys.